Skype Affiliate Program

Learn how you can make money with the Skype Affiliate Program.

Make money with the Skype Affiliate Program

Looking for a high paying affiliate program? As a Skype Affiliate, you’ll earn a commission on your customers’ purchases.

To earn your commission, visitors you refer must make their purchase on Skype’s website within 30 days. It doesn’t matter if your customers already have a Skype account. For detailed information on commission levels, please refer to your affiliate network.

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Eligible products

As a member of our affiliate program, you can earn a commission on your customers’ purchases of the following eligible products:

Skype Credit
With Skype Credit, customers can make low-cost calls to landlines and cellphones, send (SMS) text smessages, buy a Skype subscription, and much more.

Skype Subscriptions
Subscriptions let customers call landlines and mobiles for a flat monthly fee.

Skype Premium
Unlock the best of Skype, do more, and save money when you upgrade to a Premium account. Skype Premium includes group video calls* and screen sharing with up to 10 people, live chat customer support, and unlimited** calls to one of 36 countries.

Online Numbers
Customers with an Online Number can answer calls made from landlines and mobiles on Skype.

*Group video calls can be between three or more people (up to a maximum of 10), and at least one person on the call needs to have a Skype Premium account. For the best quality, we recommend calls with up to five people.
A fair usage policy applies to group video calling.

**A fair use policy applies. Excludes special, premium and non-geographic numbers. Mobile calls to select countries only.