Skype Affiliate Program

Learn how you can make money with the Skype Affiliate Program.

Welcome to the Skype Affiliate Program

How to join the Skype Affiliate Program?

Become a member of the Skype Affiliate Program and earn money directing traffic to It’s simple. Just sign up with one of our partner affiliate networks and you’ll receive commission on each customer order you refer. The Skype Affiliate Program was created to appeal to websites, digital marketers and online web services. It’s free to register and easy to set up — all you have to do is join the Skype Affiliate Program.

Why sign up?

    • Simple set up – join one of our affiliate network partners, who will provide you with the essentials to start making money by sending traffic to
    • Earn money – Skype Affiliate Program members earn commission when a customer places a verified order of our eligible products on For detailed information on commission levels, please refer to your affiliate network.
    • 30-day referral period – earn commission on orders placed up to 30 days after clicking your referral link.